About Us

The Tow Bar Pro Tale

The story of Tow Bar Pro began when Jack Franklin., the driving force behind our personalized tow bar service, went on a camping trip with his son. Jack was cruising on the Hume Highway when the camping trailer attached to his Ford unhooked from the vehicle and went on its separate merry way before crashing into a concrete barrier. Not only had the father lost his status of ‘cool’ before his son, he also lost some of the camping gear which his father, Jack Franklin. had passed on to him.

It was a while before the towing company, which had provided Jack with the towing equipment, could send over a tow truck to help him out. In the 90 minutes the tow truck took to arrive, Jack Franklin had decided no one will ever experience what he did.

With his training in automobile engineering, and a penchant for equations and algorithms, Jack Franklin set out to devise a formula that would accurately calculate the towing capacity of a vehicle.

For twenty years, Tow Bar Pro has used the formula derived by our founder to help our clients have a smooth, easy ride with their trailers. More importantly, we have helped fathers all over Melbourne not lose their status of ‘cool’ bestowed on them by their sons.

Our team members come from different backgrounds, but have one thing in common – To provide a perfect, personalized towing experience to each and every client.

The Tow Bar Pro Experience

There are many, many towing companies that offer the same service at the same competitive rate. What sets us apart from the rest is:

  • Our ability to pinpoint the perfect tow bar for your vehicle 
  • Our ability to provide an exhaustive range of tow bars that meet each and every need of our customers 
  • Our ability to provide towing mechanisms that has been manufactured in-house at Tow Bar Pro 
  • Our ability to reach you anytime anywhere if your car develops an issue and needs to be towed away, or if you are having an issue with one of our towing mechanisms

From T to the W

In other words, all that you need to do is call Tow Bar Pro and we will take care everything, and we mean everything. Right from providing you with the right tow bar fit to installing it on your vehicle to providing you with any assistance you may need.