Tow Bars

Customized Tow Bars

One of the first things you will notice about Tow Bars is that it is a one step two step mechanism. Step one – attach the bar to the rear of your vehicle. Step two – attach the bar to the front of the mobile trailer. The truth, however, runs a little bit deeper.

Not A One Two Mechanism

Fact is, that the mounts and brackets on vehicle and trailer need to be fixed in a proper, precise manner. Fact is, that the frame of the Tow Bars needs to have an equal distribution of weight running through its triangular body. Fact is, the load you are towing, or intend to tow, needs to be calibrated with the power and torque of your vehicle.

Fact is, that your towing needs need a towing expert. Tow Bar Pro has the experience, has the team, and has what it takes to be your towing expert.

The Difference

At Tow Bar Pro, we believe in providing customized Tow Bars in Melbourne that can carry your load in a perfect, aligned manner. This puts less stress on your car’s engine, allows your tires to extend its life and not be worn out in the process.

Here is how we make the difference to your towing experience:

  1. Information about your car and the load that has to be towed is fed into our system.
  2. Our team runs a set of calculations on the dimensions provided to pinpoint a customized tow bar for your trailer.
  3. Experienced hands of our towing team will install the mechanism, right at your doorstep.
  4. The only thing you need to do is call Tow Bar Pro. The rest, as they say, will be taken care of the experts.
Tow Bars For Your Vehicle

Our database has an exhaustive range Tow Bars in Melbourne, most of which are manufactured by us. In case our team of towing experts do not find a match for your load, we have a ready stock of Hayman Reese towing mechanisms. If time is not a constraint, we can build one for you in no time at all.

Here is a glimpse, a teaser of what you can find at Tow Bar Pro:

  1. For Light Duty Towing – Our standard range of towing mechanisms that can pull up to 1250 kgs.
  2. For Heavy Duty Towing – Our range of Hitch Receivers provide stability and control.
  3. Customized Towing – We have a range of sway control mechanisms that provides you with the perfect towing experience.

Tow Bar Pro is your first and last stop when it comes to customized Tow Bars.