Tow Bar Installation

Tow Bar Placing, Call The Experts

To the untrained eye, a Tow Bar Installation may seem like an easy enough process: A ball mount attached to the end of your vehicle to pull your camping van or trailer. It takes an expert eye, as we have at Tow Bar Pro, to consult our customers about wiring packages before installing a tow bar. It takes an expert eye to consult our customers about weight distribution kits that may be needed for heavy loads.

Consult The Experts

If you are looking for an expert then all you need to do is call Tow Bar Pro.

Our team has close to two decades of experience installing various kinds of tow bars and accessories. The experience we have gained over the years has translated into expertise that allows us to service our customers in lightening quick manner.

For each and every service request, the team follows a definite strategy, a pre determined plan, which allows team members to be quick with their installation, precise in their work, and not burn a hole in the pocket of our clients.

We offer the complete package of proficient tow bar services at the most economical price point you can find.

The 15 Minute Guarantee

John Locke, the founder of Tow Bar Pro, devised a set of formulations that quickly calculates the ideal fitting for a particular load a particular car model has to pull. Our advanced computation systems give us an important advantage of answering our client calls and being present at their doorstep inside 15 minutes. And we will probably pass your pizza delivery on the way as well.

This is how we reach you in 15 minutes, if you are in Victoria:

    • We get your call, we take down your vehicle model, the load you want to tow, and the distance you will be towing your trailer.
    • The information is fed simultaneously to the system when we talk to you. Our exhaustive database throws up a match for your requirements.
    • Pedal to the floor, we rush through the streets of Melbourne, never breaking a signal, driving within speed limit.
    • Your bell rings, a smiling face sporting the Tow Bar Pro uniform greets you.

In case our service does not reach you in 15 minutes, we fit your tow bar for free. Suffice to say, our customers have never had the opportunity to experience a free service from us.

These things always work better when you have an expert handle it for you. When you deal with us, expect a team of experts who are ready to answer your call and service your tow bar needs.