Tow Bar Fitting

Tow Bar Fitting – Leave It To the Experts

What is the big deal about Tow Bar Fitting? You many think. It probably is a do it yourself thing, will watch a YouTube video and sort it out. You may feel. Since we have your best interest at heart, we are here to tell you that you are wrong on both counts.

Four Things To Figure Out

Fitting a tow bar may seem like a DIY task: fix a couple mounts, screw them tight, and you are ready to roll with your trailer. The truth is:

  • If you do not get the wiring absolutely spot on,
  • If you do not get the sequence of which coloured wire goes before which,
  • If you fix a ball mount for heavy load trailer,
  • If you do not have a weight distribution system to balance the load of the trailer,

If you do not have these four things figured out, you may very well witness your trailer or camping turning turtle right in the middle of nowhere.

Professional Precise Tow Bar Fitting in Melbourne

At Tow Bar Pro, we have been into Tow Bar Fitting for the better part of our lives. Trust us when we say that the one way to ruin your towing trip is by not consulting a tow expert.

For close to two decades, we have handled a variety of clients, a variety of towing issues, and addressed each and every concern leaving behind a satisfied customer each and every time.

Personalized Service

We have built our reputation on providing personalized Tow Bar Fitting services in Melbourne. Our team does not operate on a ‘One size fits all’ policy. The experience we have gained fitting and installing towing bars all over Melbourne has taught us that each load has to be treated with a careful hand.

Tow Bar Pro differentiates itself from the competition by:

  • Educating our clients on the different types of tow bars, providing our expertise on which towing mechanism will best serve their purpose.
  • Providing personalized tow bars, manufactured in house, to clients. A personalized tow bar can maximize the performance of your vehicle while it pulls the load attached to it.
  • Taking our client through each and every step of the Tow Bar Fitting right from the type of tow bar that we will install, to the wiring, to the weight distribution system, to any accessories that may need to be installed.
Fit The Right Tow

If you need a Tow Bar Fitting that will last the length of your travel, don’t think, just dial Tow Bar Pro.