Task of Installing Tow Bars in Melbourne for Dummies

September 29, 2014    

There’re many reasons why you might find yourself for the need of installing tow bars in Melbourne on your vehicle. Maybe you’re preparing a nice, scenic towbar assisted drive in Melbourne. Or you’re moving across the country and you need to haul your Sedan behind your U-Haul.

In our last article we covered the basics of installing a tow bar, including installing a break plate on the vehicle you’re towing.

Well, choosing the right type of tow bar and installing a brake plate are only part of what goes into properly towing vehicles. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on- fool proof measures you can take to ensure your towing experience runs as smoothly as a drive over newly paved road.

After all, you don’t need a tow truck to effectively tow another vehicle if need be. All you need is to keep a few important tips in mind and a well-managed towbars Melbourne installation will match your needs. For this article, we’ll assume you plan on “flat towing” the other vehicle, or allowing all four wheels to touch the ground. And for this method, it often works best to mount the receiver on the coach, as it will add less wear on the vehicle.

For one, when you’re towing a vehicle, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the weight of the car you’re towing. Make sure you’re checking your Car Owner’s manual to know the maximum weight your vehicle can handle towing.

There are many cars not recommended for towing on all four wheels. You may need to look into purchasing aftermarket accessories, such as a drive shaft disconnect device, or reconsider towing such a vehicle.

If a vehicle is front wheel drive and has manual transmission- even better. These tend to do very well when being towed. But if your vehicle has no manual lockout hubs or a transfer case, you’ll probably need to consider purchasing a coupling device and will need to perform towbars Melbourne fitting on the rear drive shaft so you can tow it safely.

Often times, when you tow another vehicle behind yours, it’s imperative that you pay close attention to the road. To be able to successfully tow a vehicle relies on precise driving skills.

Most of the time, many people keep the vehicle they’re towing behind them in neutral but here’s a fair warning- towing along a vehicle in neutral (and it’s assumed you’ll be keeping they keys in the ignition) can cause a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle’s tires. Still, it’s a fool-proof choice and as long as you maintain the care of both vehicles, you’ll be good to go.

And one more thing for towbars Melbourne – backing up your vehicle while you’re towing another on a tow bar comes with a high risk of damaging both vehicles. Please proceed with caution.

With this in mind, I hope your towing experiences go well. Happy towing and play safe.



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