Selecting the Correct Towbar in Melbourne

September 29, 2014    

Hauling a trailer behind your car or truck requires the proper towbar in Melbourne to keep your load safe and secure. Your workday may take you driving through the city only once or a large job may require multiple trips through the busy thoroughfares and side streets of Melbourne hauling your rig. Whatever the situation, be prepared with the best towbar for you and your job. 

Determine your needs for towbar installation Melbourne. You may require a self-aligning car-mounted towbar. Although this type of towbar is best suited for towing smaller cars behind a motorhome or campervan, being attached to the main vehicle instead of the towed vehicle makes this hitch easy to use. Base plates or brackets are easily installed on the vehicle being towed.

One of the most difficult parts of towing is the initial alignment of the vehicle backing toward the vehicle being pulled. A self-aligning towbar allows the driver to merely get close to the vehicle being towed in order to connect the two safely and efficiently. Precise alignment is not necessary for initial attachment but proper towbar installation Melbourne is crucial for your towing success.

You may prefer to install a flange car towbar. This device can be permanent or removable and has a tow ball bolted onto an extended plate. Flange car towbars are very cost effective but may not be practical or aesthetically appealing if you opt for permanent installation on your vehicle.

If your business car is also your family vehicle, having a flange car towbar extending from the rear of your car may not be the safest option for other family members driving around Melbourne on weekend errands. It can be quickly forgotten something is sticking out the rear of your vehicle when backing up in a parking lot. Your frequency of use and who actually drives the vehicle in non-towing conditions will determine whether you prefer a fixed or detectable towbar installation.

Another towbar to consider is the swan neck, also designed to be installed as a fixed or removable towbar. The same considerations for frequency of use and driver ability will help determine your preference for permanent verses detachable towbar installation. An important design element with a swan neck towbar is the tow ball is a permanent curved feature resembling its namesake – a swan neck. The height of the towbar cannot be adjusted because of the permanent attachment of the swan neck tow ball, whereas a flange car towbar has a removable tow ball allowing for the purchase of multiple balls of varying pull-weight limits and heights.

Whatever towbar you choose, pick a reputable Melbourne auto shop for your towbar installation. Proper installation will require safety chains from the vehicle doing to the towing to the car or rig being towed. Electric wiring will need to be done ensuring the safety lights, turn-signals, brake and backup lights on the rig of car bring towed are working in tandem with the towing vehicle.
Finding a knowledgeable and reputable local Melbourne towbar installation Melbourne mechanic will help you purchase the best towbar for your use, keeping you and your rig safe, effective and productive.



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