The Perfect Tow Bars For Your Load

October 7, 2014    

At Tow Bar Pro, we are not just about throwing Tow Bars your way a to hitch your load; we believe in finding the right tow bar which is the perfect match for your load and your car. A tow bar should be a natural extension of your vehicle. This helps the car to use its power and performance to pull the load attached to it without breaking a sweat. If you need to tow a camping van, if you need to tow a mobile trailer that contains luggage, if you need to tow a heavy-duty load, just call us on 1800 – Tow Bars Melbourne. Your load is our load at Tow Bar Pro.

Expertise In The Easy

A tow bar mechanism may give the impression that it is easy; that all you need is a rod attached to the rear of a vehicle and a tow bar attached to the rod. The mechanics of Tow Bars may not be complicated, but its execution requires an expert eye and anexperienced hand. With more years under our belt than the new kids on the block, you can trust us on the two most important things regarding a tow bar – the push and pull.

The pull is your car and tow bar drawing your load forward in perfect synchrony. The push is a press exerted by the tow bar that keeps your load from slipping and falling to the ground. When you consult with the tow bar team at Tow Bar Pro, we provide the right dimensions for tow bars that will simultaneously push and pull your load, reducing the stress on the engine and the strain on your tires.

Personalized Tow Bars in Melbourne

The one thing that distinguishes us from our competition is that we provide a personalized tow bar for our clients manufactured by our expert personnel. We do not have a ‘One size fits all’ policy. The reason being each vehicle has its own, individual capacity to pull a load. In other words, a Kia may react differently to a particular load than a Here is how we, at Tow Bar Pro, provide you with our personalized,

step-by-step expertise

Step 1 – When you call us, the Tow Bar Installation team collects information regarding your vehicle model, its age, and if your car has been serviced recently. Next, we collect information about the specifics of your load – the weight of your load, its dimensions (height and width), and the distance you wish to travel with it.

Step 2 – We then feed the information into our personalised tow bar system, running calculations that will match the load to its potential.

Step 3 – We run the match through our database which houses our entire collection of Tow Bars.

Step 4 – The Two Bar Pro team arrives at your doorstep with the towing bar. Our tow bar professional will install the mechanism and hitch the load to your vehicle. Though we manufacture personalized pulling mechanisms for our clients, we also keep in stock the Hayman Reese range, if, in case our team runs a blank on a particular load.

At Tow Bar Pro, we leave nothing to chance.

Anything and Everything in Tow Bars

We are not just about the triangular mechanism that pulls loads. Our professionals also provide the entire range of tow bar fittings and accessories to our clients. You will find the following accessories (and more) available all the time:

Brake controllers – One of the most important tow bar accessories. Any and every towing vehicle should have a brake controller. The device signals the brakes of your trailer to slow down when you press the brakes on your vehicle. The controller slows down the trailer, hitched to your car, in sync with the vehicle.

Hitch Pin and Lock – It may not be much to look at; nevertheless, it performs a vital function of securing your load to the vehicle in a reliable, secure manner.

Tow bar Covers – Protect your pulling mechanism from the elements with our stylish, but effective, range of tow bar covers.

Precise, Professional, Particular

At Tow Bar Pro, our mission is to be the best and last word in Tow Bars. Our team members strive to deliver a personalized touch to each and every client request.

Call us at 03 9020 4537 – Tow Bars Melbourne and experience a professional, precise outlook to your tow bar needs.



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