Mobile Tow Bar Fitting and Roadside Assistance

September 29, 2014    

If you need a tow bar fitted to your vehicle for a camping trip tomorrow but do not have the time or energy to do so…if your cargo needs to be transported a.s.a.p. and you need a heavy duty tow bar a.s.a.p…if you are stranded in the middle of the road on a highway and need your vehicle to be towed away to safety…all you need to do is relax, take a deep breath, take out your mobile phone and call Tow Bar Pro for one of the fastest Mobile Tow Bar Fitting services you will ever experience.

Quick, Fast, Up to Speed

Time is money, and time seems to tick faster when you need it the most. The mobile assistance unit at Tow Bar Pro believes in providing a fast, reliable towing experience for our clients. Our team will reach you anytime within a 50-kilometre radius of Melbourne. And we also promise to reach you in the shortest time possible. If you request tow bar service at your home or office, our Mobile Tow Bar Fitting Melbourne service will be there at your doorstep 15 minutes from the second you made the call. Yes, we are faster than your pizza delivery.

Delivering On Our Promise

When we say something, we do it. When we tell you that we provide, probably, the fastest Mobile Tow Bar Fitting service, we deliver on it. Tow Bar Pro is able to do so because of:

  • Dedicated, professional team members who respond quickly to any and every mobile tow bar request.
  • Once our team members get all the information they need – towing load, capacity of vehicle – the mobile tow team runs the requirements through our system.
  • With your personalized towing mechanism in tow, the team jets to the location in our mobile vans.
  • Once we reach your destination, our tow expert will take you through each step of the process.
  • Our Mobile Tow Bar Fitting in Melbourne service then sets to work on your vehicle in a quick, calculated manner ensuring that each fitting is in its place.
  • The customer is welcome to do a test run with their trailers or camping vans before they sign off on their request form.

Simply The Best

When it comes to Mobile Tow Bar Fitting, Tow Bar Pro provides one of the best experiences, if not the best, to our clients in Melbourne. We have the expertise, the experience, the equipment, but more importantly, the professionalism to deliver on our promise of lightning quick tow bar services.




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