Maximize Driving Performance While Towing

January 20, 2015    


You have hooked the trailer to the vehicle and are on your way down the road. With a few precautions, you can have a safe, fun trip and minimise the incidents of risk or accident on your journey. One factor you need to keep in mind is that hauling a trailer has an impact on the vehicle: It does affect the engine and handling capacity of the automobile. The trailer increases the vehicle’s weight and demands more power and performance.


Maximize Performance

With a few driving tweaks and safety tips you can extract a smooth performance from your automobile. They include:

  • When driving with a trailer the slightest of movement with the steering can have a big impact on the trailer rig. A sudden move to the left or right will cause the rig to swing sideways, causing the trailer to tumble over. The same principle can be applied to sudden braking. If you stop the automobile in a sudden manner, the trailer could crash into the back of the vehicle.
  • Drive according to the road conditions. Maintain a consistent speed that helps you stay in complete control of the vehicle, and more importantly, of the trailer. Driving at the right speed prevents the trailer from swaying on the road.
  • If the trailer sways, you can keep it under control. Sway can be caused by influences out of your control such as wind and air pressure changes. If your trailer starts swaying, let go of the accelerator and slow down. As your speed goes down the trailer should correct itself. Do not step on the brake pedal – braking will actually make the sway worse.
  • Because of the extra weight attached to the automobile, you need to allow more braking space for your vehicle. When travelling on the road with traffic in front of you, leave enough space from the automobile in front of you. This minimises the risk of rear-ending.
  • Keep your eyes on the farthest point on the road. Manoeuvring a vehicle with the trailer attached takes a bit longer. Seeing upcoming traffic, changing road conditions, or construction gives you more time to make the speed lane changes you need.
  • Be careful and observant when changing lanes. Adding a trailer to your tow bar can make your rig over twice as long as your un-hitched vehicle. Make sure you have a clear view of the lanes next to you – we recommend adding a set of Towing Mirrors to improve your visibility.
  • Accommodate for faster and slower vehicles. You won’t be able to keep up with the speed demons when you have a heavy trailer attached. Be courteous to faster traffic and allow other drivers to get past you efficiently. Being moderate and courteous with faster and slower traffic makes driving safer and less frustrating for everyone on the road.



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