Fitting Tow Bars is Not a Rocket Science

September 29, 2014    

For whatever reason, you may find yourself having to fit a tow bar onto your vehicle or mobile home. Maybe you’re moving across the country. Or maybe you’re taking a scenic journey in your RV and you’d like to tow along your four wheel drive Jeep so you can park the RV and drive the car when need be. 

Well no matter what the case may be, fitting tow bars doesn’t have to be an ordeal or rocket science. With patience, care, and getting in touch with an RV dealer or auto parts store to know what tow bar options will work for you, you’ll be towing like a pro whether you’re doing a good, old fashioned towbar fitting Melbourne or Bristol.

Chances are, you’re not going to need to purchase a custom made tow bar. But if need be, which a tow bar fitting can be created in your own home with the right tools, it does take a lot of care. Many auto shops are perfectly willing to build a tow bar to fit your needs.

The tow bar itself is simple, with many varieties being held into place with only two to four bolts. For the most part, most factory brake plates and tow bars will fit on most vehicles so chances are, there are no worries on your end.  Where to position the tow bar and the brake plate depends on a variety of factors, including the size and weight of the car.

The first step, when fitting a tow bar, is to drill two holes in the vehicle’s chassis, if there aren’t already factory braces on the vehicle. Lift the bar up, also lifting the cross bar assembly while you place it in. You’ll need two bolts for each side to lock and brace it in. You also may require a third bolt for additional support.

For the most part, towbar fitting Melbourne is a simple process. But be mindful of things like spare tires, gas tanks, and bumpers in the way. That can hamper the installation process.  But if you’re lucky enough, it could be as simple as drilling, painting and setting it in.

Most automotive shops and RV dealerships, regardless of what you’re towing, will have a good idea of how to help you best install a tow bar onto your vehicle. Keep this in mind whenever you’re hoping to travel or otherwise tow a large vehicle on your journeys. When in doubt, consult a professional engineer or mechanic. There are many places that will do the installation for you, as well as create custom tow bars should you ever find yourself in need of it.

Tow bars can be fool proof, especially when you have the right tools and help at your disposal. No matter what you’re towing or where you are, the same basics apply. Just take your time, be careful, and when in doubt, you know who to call. They will help you in the best possible manner.



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