Choosing the Right Type of Tow Bar

September 29, 2014    

So for whatever reason, you find yourself in need of tow bars. Maybe you’re moving and need to haul your Toyota behind a U-Haul truck. Maybe you’re looking into buying a boat for your summer home or you’ve got a landscaping business and you need to haul a bed to drag along your tools of the trade. If you’re looking to haul or transport anything, using a tow bars Melbourne on your vehicle can be one of the easiest and most versatile options out there. 

But there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re selecting the right tow bar, whether you’re looking for a tow bars Melbourne or Ontario.

One, you need to think about the types of tow bars out there. Yes, it can make a difference.

For example, one of the most common types is the Flange tow bar. Flange tow bars are two bolt, though some varieties might have up to four 24mm bolts. Flange tow bars are among the most commonly used, and for good reason- they’re versatile. Compatible with a wide variety of vehicles, they’re also easily adjustable and are fairly inexpensive too. It even allows for different kinds of tow balls- however, these can be expensive. It’s no wonder Flange tow bars are a popular choice for both the experienced and the green horns of towing.

Another common variety is the Swan Neck tow bar. Named for its distinctive curved shape, many people consider the Swan Neck to be aesthetically pleasing- which is part of the reason why it’s becoming an increasingly common choice all around the world. Swan Neck tow bars are also versatile and compatible with a wide variety of stabilizers and vehicles. It might not be as versatile as a Flange tow bar but the Swan Neck is popular amongst professionals, for good reason. The Swan Neck is discreet and almost elegant in design.

However, Swan Neck tow bars can’t be adjusted for height and they are pricier than a Flange tow bar. Still, they’re worth looking into if you’re looking for a professional choice.

If you’re looking for a discreet, almost invisible choice, maybe you need to consider a Detachable tow bar. While it might look very similar to a Swan Neck, the advantage of a Detachable tow bar is that the neck of the bar can simply be removed when not in use. They can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on the variety and some companies even produce electric varieties. They’re becoming an increasingly popular choice for many professionals. Already compatible with many other kinds of vehicles, more vehicles are being produced with Detachable tow bars in mind. However, they’re much more expensive than a Flange or a Swan Neck tow bar and there’s not much room for adjustment- either when it comes to adjusting the tow bars Melbourne height or fitting in alternate tow balls.

There are many things to keep in mind when buying a tow bar, least of which the kind you’re looking for. Think about your needs when it comes to hauling and trucking, and sure enough, there’s a tow bars Melbourne solution for you.




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